CNPC Terrestrial Command and Control Radio


The SkyLink Command and Non-Payload Control (CNPC) Data Link is a Command and Control (C2) frequency modulated radio intended for point-to-point or networked UAS operations for Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations.

Unique to UAS C2 radios, SkyLink includes both antenna diversity and radio diversity. Each SkyLink unit includes dual radios which enable “make before break (MBB)” connectivity when transitioning from one ground station to the next. MBB ensures a solid handoff between one operator using one ground station to another operator using a second “target” ground station by ensuring the target ground station has a solid connection before releasing control from the initial operator. For many customers, this helps to close the safety case during a high-risk portion of an operation.

SkyLink is designed and developed for certification using Design Assurance Level C (DAL C) as designated in RTCA DO-178C and DO-254. SkyLink is currently operating under experimental licenses on L-Band as a Multiple Input, Single Output (MISO) dual radio solution.


  • RTCA DO-362 with Class 1LYAM and 1LYGM configurations

  • Configurable as the Airborne (ARS) or Ground (GRS) Radio

  • Dual Radio System

    • User Plane Radio
      • Transparent bi-directional data link between GRS and ARS
    • Control Plane Radio
      • Handles signaling between ARS and GRS entities in support of link management functions
      • Handover function when passing piloting control from the Serving GRS to the Target GRS
      • Diversity radio after Switchover performing spatial, pattern diversity and polarization
  • SMA, MMCX antenna connectors

  • Status, integrity and health monitoring

  • UTC synchronized TDMA, Geo synchronized FDMA and pseudo-random CDMA for Multiple Access

  • Environmental RTCA DO-160G

  • Software RTCA DO-178C Level C

  • Complex Hardware RTCA DO-254 Level C


  • FCC 47 CFR Part 87 ID 2AFFTC2XCP0

Radio Diversity

Mechanical Specification

Control Plane Monitor
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Technical Specifications

Specification Value
Input Power 11-34V (3S-8S LiPo) 16W peak
Size 47x54x13mm
Weight 70 grams
Operating Temperature -45° to +70°C


Band 960-1164MHz
Transmit Power 10W Nominal
Spreading Code and Frequency
Bandwidth 200kHz
Receiver Sensitivity
User Receiver -118dBm
Control Receiver -121dBm
Doppler Capture Range ±16kHz


User Plane
Data Rate 57600bps
Protocol Transparent Binary
Control Plane
Data Rate 115200bps
Protocol UCP
UTC 1PPS Time Pulse
Position NMEA 0183 115200bps
DO-160G Temperature Cat B2

Electrical Specification

User Interface
Pin Type Physical Port
1 5V 5V Out
2 RXD IN User Data
3 TXD OUT User Data
4 SDA I/O skyTrac
5 SCL I/O skyTrac
Timing/Position, Control Interface
Pin Type Physical Port
1 5V 5V OUT
2 RXD IN Position
4 RXD IN Control
5 TXD OUT Control

Mating Connectors: JST GHR-06V-S