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Join Over 1000 QIs Around The Globe

If you’re an A&P/IA, you could be offering your services to uAvionix customers! Gain access to training documents, a 10% discount on products, marketing materials, and uAvionix’s endorsement on our QI map locator. Simply pass our Qualified Installer Quiz to join the ranks of a QI.

Q: What is a Qualified Installer (QI)?

A: A QI has a special relationship with uAvionix which allows you to purchase direct from uAvionix at a discount, and sell product to the end user at MSRP. You make a profit on the resale, and through your installation services with your customer.

Q: How much is the discount for QIs?

A: QIs receive a 10% discount off MSRP. For skyBeacon, QIs will profit $184.90 for each sale, plus your installation fee. Not bad for 1 hour of work!

Q: Do you provide training?

A: Yes! We provide training videos, and our TSO and STC manuals.  The information takes approximately 30-60 minutes to complete. Completion of the training is mandatory to become a QI.

Q: Do I have to be an A&P IA, or is an A&P good enough?

A: We are currently recruiting only A&P IA’s for QI services.

Q: I am an A&P/IA, and I already have a relationship with a shop/distributor, can I order through those channels?

A: Yes, if you sign up and complete the training, we will list you as a QI on our customer reference site.

Q: As a QI, do I receive shipping priority?

A: No, all orders are shipped in the order which they are received.

Q: I am a Part 145 repair shop, can I become a QI?

A: Yes, of course! You may choose to purchase through the QI program, or through your normal distribution channels.

Q: Do you provide collateral?

A: Upon request, we will provide you with physical collateral, including decals, posters, and display material.

Q: Do you provide support?

A: Yes, QIs receive prioritized support from our support team.

Q: As a QI, do I have access to purchase your other products at a discount as well?

A: Yes, QIs will receive a 10% discount on all GA uAvionix products, excluding OEM products.

Q: I’m located outside of the USA, can I become a QI?

A: Currently, we are only accepting QIs based in the USA.

Q: Can I pass along my cost savings to my customers?

A: No, all uAvionix resellers are required to sell each product at MSRP.