Palo Alto, CA – October 20, 2016

uAvionix today announced it has achieved the first two portable, low-power ADS-B transceiver approvals under the United Kingdom’s (UK) Civil Aviation Authority(CAA) Electronic Conspicuity (EC) program.  The Ping1090 20W ADS-B transceiver designed for small unmanned aircraft and and the Echo ATT-20B ADS-B transceiver designed for General Aviation. These are the first such EC devices approved under CAA Civil Aviation Publication (CAP 1391).

The CAP 1391 EC program is the result of a collaboration of regulatory and industry entities including the UK CAA, NATS, the Light Aircraft Association (LAA) and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA).  It is the first program worldwide to define standards for both low-power and portable ADS-B transceivers.

Electronic Conspicuity (EC) is an umbrella term for a range of technologies that, in their most basic form, transmit the position of the host aircraft to other airspace users operating compatible equipment. More advanced devices can also transmit and receive, displaying and alerting pilots to other/conflicting traffic who have compatible EC devices. EC devices turn the traditional ‘see and avoid’ concept into ‘see, BE SEEN, and avoid’.

“uAvionix is both excited and very proud to be the first transceivers approved under this groundbreaking program” said Paul Beard, CEO of uAvionix, “CAP 1391 both makes the safety benefits of ADS-B more accessible to General Aviation as well as setting the groundwork for ADS-B onboard Unmanned Aircraft Systems.”

About uAvionix Corporation
uAvionix develops the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable ADS-B transceiver, Ping. uAvionix’s Ping network system combines hardware, software, and real time airspace mapping to enable companies to safely and reliably operate drones in the NAS. Based in Palo Alto, uAvionix has gathered a cross-disciplinary team of experts in embedded RF engineering, sUAS operations and compliance, hardware, software, and cloud services.

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