Bigfork, Montana –– March 7, 2022 –– uAvionix today announced a Trade-Up to tailBeaconX Program for aircraft owners desiring to upgrade to a Space-Based Mode S 1090ES ADS-B Transponder for mandate compliance and operating flights in 1090 MHz airspace. With this limited-time Trade-Up Program, current owners of a uAvionix skyBeacon, tailBeacon, or echoUAT can receive up to $1200 trade-in credit towards a TSO certified tailBeaconX Mode S ADS-B Transponder.

Nav Canada recently updated its ADS-B performance requirements to include tailBeaconX as a lower-cost alternative to traditional diversity transponders. Nav Canada has already expanded ADS-B services for all altitudes in the Montreal FIR and is expected to add the Edmonton FIR in March 2022, as initially published in AIC 36/21. Installation of tailBeaconX will ensure compliance with Canada and Mexico’s performance requirements and provide access to all countries where 1090 MHz ADS-B transponders are accepted.

For details on the program or to begin the process, visit the tailBeaconX website and select the “Trade-Up” to tailBeaconX TSO Option. Place the desired package in your cart and complete the order. The program will be applicable to all uAvionix skyBeacon TSO, tailBeacon TSO, or echoUAT at the following values:

TailBeaconX Purchase Options
Trade-Up Model tBX TSO + AV-30-C + AVLink STC
($4494 retail)
tBX EXP + AV-30-E + AVLink EXP
($4194 retail)
tBX EXP + AV-20-E
($3194 retail)
($2499 retail)
tailBeacon TSO $1200 $1100 $1100 $1000
skyBeacon TSO $1200 $1100 $1100 $1000
tailBeacon EXP $1000 $900 $900 $800
skyBeacon EXP $1000 $900 $900 $800
echoUAT $600 $600 $500 $500

One of the most significant benefits of tailBeaconX is the improved response time for locating an aircraft in distress due to its global coverage from Space-based ADS-B data. This satellite-derived data is increasingly the leading source of location information for Search & Rescue authorities (SAR) at lower altitudes, mountainous terrain, and large bodies of water and has already saved numerous lives. Early adopters of tailBeaconX will benefit from global safety of life capabilities in use by many ATC providers, Rescue Coordination Centers, and supporting SAR organizations such as Civil Air Patrol in the US.

The highly integrated transponder replaces a rear navigation light, includes, and combines transponder, ADS-B OUT, SBAS GPS, and rear LED position light. A typical tailBeaconX installation, including an AV-30 digital EFIS display as its control head, is estimated at 30%-40% of the cost of a diversity transponder due to the higher equipment costs of diversity and a more invasive installation process.

uAvionix expects to start shipping to resellers and pre-orders soon for over 500 of the most common GA makes & models in the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand, followed shortly by markets in the EU, UK, and Brazil.

To ensure proper fitment in the rear taillight opening for your aircraft, please review the fitment guidance on the uAvionix tailBeaconX page, consult with a uAvionix Qualified Installer or consult your local A&P.  See official Terms of the Trade-Up Program on the tailBeaconX Trade-Up webpage.

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