Free software upgrade responds to today’s pilot demands offering more capability and choice

Bigfork, MT 19 December 2023 – uAvionix, the industry leader in avionics solutions for safe and efficient flying, today announced the release of AV-30-E software version 2.4.1 which provides pilots more robust safety, efficiency, and in-flight interoperability. AV-30-E software version 2.4.1 is now available to experimental aircraft owners for free and delivers several highly anticipated enhancements including support for the innovative AV-APA (Analog Port Adapter), the latest accessory to the AV-30 display.

As one of the primary features of the 2.4.1 upgrade, the AV-APA accessory is the latest advancement from uAvionix that connects the AV-30 to legacy installed autopilots. Use of the AV-30 and AV-APA allows aircraft owners to replace their old, heavy, vacuum-driven directional gyros with the multifunction AV-30 digital display and gain advanced GPS navigation modes. With this often-requested functionality, aircraft with autopilots can now efficiently reduce pilot workload and weight while increasing safety and reliability.

Ryan Braun, Managing Director for Crewed Aviation at uAvionix, expressed his excitement about the release, stating, “Staffed by both technology providers and pilots, uAvionix has a keen awareness of our customer needs. We understand the importance of workload reductions, capability improvement and ongoing safety enhancements, and are cognizant of the significant cost to retrofit legacy aircraft. This upgraded software offers pilots features that easily and affordably bridge the gap between legacy systems and modern avionics, which has always been the value that uAvionix strives to deliver.”

Key enhancements of the AV-30-E Software Version 2.4.1 include:

1. Support for the new AV-APA, an AV-30 accessory, which seamlessly installs in an aircraft and offers more robust heading control, improved navigation accuracy, and improved interfaces for flight plans

2. Improved attitude calculations and performance

3. Streamlined and more intuitive transponder control interface and display panel options

4. Increased safety measures including additional carbon monoxide safety warnings and expanded density altitude capabilities

AV-30-E Software Version 2.4.1 is now available free of charge to all experimental aircraft owners at The update process details, including installation, post-installation calibration and check-out procedures, are included in the Service Bulletin 2.4.1. A Pilot’s Guide and Quick Reference Guide are also available.

The AV-APA is now available for pre-order for experimental aircraft, with shipments set to begin in January 2024. Supported legacy autopilots will initially include the S-TEC System 20, 30, 40, and 50, making this adapter an essential addition for pilots seeking to modernize their aircraft’s avionics suite. Additional legacy autopilot models are expected in the future along with the AV-HSI for instrumented approaches and uAvionix is capturing interest at Sales for certified aircraft will follow the completion of FAA certification efforts.

uAvionix continues to lead the aviation industry in providing cutting-edge, operator-efficient avionics solutions. The AV-APA joins the ranks of their successful product lineup, which includes groundbreaking ADS-B, Display, and Portable technologies aimed at enhancing safety and efficiency for pilots worldwide.

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