New ADS-B transceiver is smallest

August 3, 2016 By Mike Collins The newest Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) transceiver on the market also is the smallest and lightest. Palo Alto, California-based uAvionix Corp. has been miniaturizing ADS-B hardware for use on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and is now offering that technology in a non-technical standard order unit [...]

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pingEFB PID/VID update Instructions

Note this process is only applicable to specific units, there is no need to perform these steps unless directed by uAvionix. To update the pingEFB PID/VID perform the following steps: For Windows Users: 1.  Download FT Prog   2.  Install FT Prog by launching the downloaded installer.   3.  Download the pingEFB Template here:  (Right Click [...]