uAvionix Receives DoD AIMS Certification for Mode 5 Micro IFF Transponder for UAS

Bigfork, Montana – March 24, 2021 – uAvionix Corporation today announced it has achieved DoD AIMS Mk XIIB certification of its first Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponder, the RT-2087/ZPX-B. With this certification, ZPX-B becomes the world’s smallest, certified micro-IFF transponder, reducing Size, Weight, and Power Consumption (SWaP) characteristics of typical IFF transponders by more [...]

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uAvionix AV-30-C STC Now Available to EASA Aircraft

Bigfork, Montana – March 17, 2021 – uAvionix today announced it has received an EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its AV-30-C Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) for over 330 aircraft models available in Europe.  With the STC approval, uAvionix will begin shipping product immediately to customers who have placed pre-orders either directly with uAvionix [...]

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A Radio Isn’t a Radio

To many, radio frequency (RF) concepts are black-box magic. We live in a world where “wireless” technologies are taken for granted – mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – we can even pay for stuff by waving our credit card over a magic symbol at the check-out counter.  It just works, and we don’t even think about [...]


Diversity Transponders and Space-Based ADS-B

Why Diversity Matters A typical transponder and ADS-B system for General Aviation (GA) uses a single, bottom-mounted antenna, which provides the best line of sight to ADS-B receivers and secondary surveillance radar (SSR) systems on the ground. However, there is a growing use of space-based ADS-B receivers around the world, which poses a problem [...]