Musings and observations from the uAvionix team.

The FAA’s UAS Remote Identification Rule and Its Applicability to the UAS Aviation Insurance Industry

Christian Ramsey, Managing Director uAvionix Corporation As the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) continues to increase, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has introduced the UAS Remote Identification (RID) Rule to ensure airspace safety and security. This rule, which goes into effect in September 2023, requires that UAS comply to facilitate their identification and tracking. [...]


Reducing Runway Incursions Isn’t a $100M Problem.  It’s Much Less

Christian Ramsey, Managing Director Aviation Networks This week, the FAA announced it has awarded more than $100M to 12 airports across the country to reduce runway incursions.  Funding ranges from $223K to the single runway Waverly Municipal Airport (C25) to $6M to Miami International Airport (MIA). The announcement comes at an interesting time for two [...]


What’s Up There? – High Altitude Airspace Management

Lots of news lately with high altitude spy balloons, unidentified “objects”, and air-to-air “kills” (does it count as a kill if it isn’t crewed?)   What is being revealed is something that is not well known to the public – there’s more up there than you think. The truth is, it isn’t very expensive or hard [...]


uAvionix helps enhance Flight Information Services Officers situational awareness in the UK

For decades commercial aviation has relied on highly regulated technology to enhance safety. Airlines and Business Aviation largely rely on certified avionics and Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) have long relied on certified IT systems layered on certified surveillance systems to safely separate traffic. These technologies are in continuous development, albeit subject to the most [...]


Next-Gen Airport Surface Safety

Airfield snow removal teams leap to action when others seek shelter, facing a no-fail mission to prepare the runway surface for pilots dealing with the chaos of deteriorating weather. This chaos amplifies runway safety hazards, and too often leads to near-catastrophic encounters. Two recent examples demonstrate the extreme runway safety hazard encountered in the [...]


Overcoming the Mode 5 SWaP Challenge in the RQ-21A STUAS

Earlier this year uAvionix’s RT-2087/ZPX-B Micro IFF Transponder (ZPX-B) became the world’s smallest and lightest AIMS-certified Mode 5 transponder, creating new equipage opportunities for vertical-lift aircraft, where weight savings translate to longer flight duration or heavier payload. Small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) especially benefit because size and weight traditionally have been deal-breakers for Mode [...]


ADS-B INERT and ALERT for UAS Revisited

Back in 2018 – we published a white paper titled “Inert and Alert: Intelligent ADS-B for UAS NAS Integration: Concept of Operations.”  In it, we described a concept for a way to leverage the undeniable safety benefits of ADS-B for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) without “overwhelming the spectrum” as is oft-repeated when the topic [...]


A Radio Isn’t a Radio

To many, radio frequency (RF) concepts are black-box magic. We live in a world where “wireless” technologies are taken for granted – mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – we can even pay for stuff by waving our credit card over a magic symbol at the check-out counter.  It just works, and we don’t even think about [...]