uAvionix announces pingRID for FAA Mandated Remote ID Broadcast for Drones

Bigfork, MT 28 February 2023 – uAvionix today announced the launch of its Remote ID Broadcast module for drones, pingRID.  The aviation-grade, small, lightweight, and easily attached transmitter is the fastest and simplest way for drone operators to be compliant with the FAA Remote ID rule.   Backed by uAvionix’s years of RF innovation and experience [...]

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What’s Up There? – High Altitude Airspace Management

Lots of news lately with high altitude spy balloons, unidentified “objects”, and air-to-air “kills” (does it count as a kill if it isn’t crewed?)   What is being revealed is something that is not well known to the public – there’s more up there than you think. The truth is, it isn’t very expensive or hard [...]