Can I use SkyEcho in the U.S.

No.  The SkyEcho is currently approved for use as an ADS-B out device in the U.K. under the innovative CAP 1391 program.  Use of SkyEcho in the United States is prohibited by the FCC and FAA.

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What is Electronic Conspicuity?

Electronic Conspicuity (EC) is an umbrella term for a range of technologies that, in their most basic form, transmit the position of the host aircraft to other airspace users operating compatible equipment. More advanced devices can also transmit and receive, displaying and alerting pilots to other/conflicting traffic who have compatible EC devices. EC devices turn [...]

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What does “portable” mean with regards to the SkyEcho?

The SkyEcho is a portable device that you can take with you from aircraft to aircraft and does not require physical or electrical installation into the airframe.  EC devices use a 24-bit address in the same way as a transponder.  This usually forms part of an aircraft's Certificate of Registration.  However, as an EC device [...]

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What kind of range does SkyEcho have?

The SkyEcho is both an ADS-B IN (receive) and ADS-B OUT device.  Range is a function of transmit power. Depending on the output power of other aircraft, you will be able to SEE other aircraft over 270km (~150 NM) away.  SkyEcho has a transmit power of 25W on 1090MHz (1090ES).

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What frequency does it use?

The ADS-B standard frequency for most of the world (all but the U.S.) is 1090Mhz.  In the U.S. 1090Mhz as well as 978Mhz is used.  SkyEcho transmits and receives on 1090Mhz.

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Can I see other aircraft with SkyEcho?

Yes!  SkyEcho has built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that allows you to connect and display nearby traffic on a compatible app.  SkyEcho uses a common interface format called GDL 90.  As of now (Nov 2016), SkyDemon, Foreflight, Avare, Naviator, iFly 740 and FltPlan Go are a few of the compatible applications.  If you are a developer and [...]

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Can other aircraft see me?

Yes.  Any aircraft equipped with ADS-B IN capability can see you.  This includes other EC devices as well as installed avionics, and other third party systems such as the Garmin GDL39, PilotAware and Flarm.

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Can ATC see me?

Yes ATC can see you if you are transmitting within range of an ATC ADS-B ground station radio.

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What are the limitations?

EC systems are designed for aircraft to aircraft visibility. An EC device will not meet standards to allow you to enter controlled airspace of a class in which a transponder is mandatory or a Transponder Mandatory zone (TMZ). In addition, EC device transmission must be deactivated when used in an aircraft with an Extended Squitter (ES) [...]

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Does it have an app? How do I view nearby air traffic in my cockpit?

The echo iOS app is a configuration app that allows you to configure device settings, including setting the ICAO address and enabling/disabling the transmit function. The echo iOS app is not a moving map or traffic display app. For this functionality, you will need to pair with a compatible application such as SkyDemon or your [...]

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