uAvionix now supports seamless integration of ping200X and ping200XR transponders with ArduPilot

uAvionix announced today that users of the industry’s most commonly adopted autopilot platforms such as CubePilot, Pixhawk, and George, can now seamlessly integrate the uAvionix ping200X Technical Standard Order (TSO) and ping200XR into their platform. The latest versions of Mission Planner and ArduPilot now allow for native control of the uAvionix ping200X TSO and [...]

2022-06-06T15:54:02-05:0006/06/22|Press Release|

uAvionix introduces AV-Mag External Magnetometer for AV-30

June 1, 2022 – Bigfork, Montana – uAvionix today announced AV-Mag, the high precision 3-axis external magnetometer for AV-30 panel displays. AV-Mag, when paired with an AV-30, will provide consistent and accurate magnetic heading information. With its ability to precisely measure the earth’s magnetic field and aid the AV-30 directional heading measurement, AV-Mag offers [...]

2022-06-01T14:04:12-05:0006/01/22|Press Release|

uAvionix successfully demonstrates transfer of Command & Non-Payload Control between LTE and C-band radios using its new Link Executive Manager (LEM)

The ability for Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) to simultaneously leverage multiple and diverse Command and Control (C2) radios is a key part of mission-critical operations.  This capability allows the UAS to use the most appropriate radio or frequency band for the specific mission or location and provides an essential backup C2 link in case [...]

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uAvionix skyEcho portable ADS-B transceiver now available in New Zealand

uAvionix today announced that the skyEcho portable ADS-B transceiver is now available for the New Zealand General Aviation market for use in uncontrolled airspace as an ADS-B awareness or Electronic Conspicuity device. skyEcho can be used by general aviation aircraft to enhance their visibility and increase situational awareness through ADS-B OUT and IN. SkyEcho is the world’s [...]

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Eurolink Beluga drone to embed uAvionix George autopilot and CNPC ecosystem

uAvionix today announced that Beluga, a state-of-the-art family of drones designed by Italian company Eurolink Systems, has completed its integration of various avionics from the uAvionix certifiable low-SWaP ecosystem, including the George G3 autopilot, microLink CNPC radio system, and truFYX EXT GPS. Beluga™ is a new generation of small UAS (sUAS), the result of [...]

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FlightAware and uAvionix Announce Aviator+ Piston Aircraft Tracking Suite Promotion for tailBeaconX Customers

HOUSTON – April 7, 2022 - FlightAware, a leading digital aviation company providing global flight tracking solutions, predictive technology, analytics and decision-making tools and uAvionix, a global leader in certified avionics for General Aviation and UAS, announced a promotion to include a FlightAware Aviator+ piston airplane flight tracking suite subscription with each new uAvionix [...]

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uAvionix receives STC for tailBeaconX and is now shipping into US and International markets

Today, uAvionix announced it received the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) and initial Approved Model List (AML) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the revolutionary tailBeaconX 1090 MHz ADS-B transponder. tailBeaconX is a highly integrated 1090 MHz ADS-B transponder that replaces a rear navigation light by combining it with ADS-B OUT / Mode S [...]

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uAvionix announces UAS “Trade-up to Certified” avionics upgrade program

Bigfork, Montana — March 23, 2022 — Today, uAvionix announced its “Trade-up to Certified” avionics upgrade program enabling users of uncertified Mode A/C/S and ADS-B transponders models to trade up to the uAvionix ping200X, the only TSO certified transponder for drones on the market today.The “Trade-Up to Certified” program helps operators and manufacturers upgrade their [...]

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uAvionix announces digital autopilot and external magnetometer support for AV-30-E panel displays

Bigfork, Montana – March 21, 2022 – uAvionix is pleased to announce the AV-30-E multimode indicator now includes digital autopilot and external magnetometer interface capabilities. With the ability to control autopilot heading, altitude, and vertical speed from its intuitive user interface, the AV-30-E provides a highly integrated and capable replacement for traditional attitude indicators [...]

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uAvionix Announces Acquisition by DC Capital Partners

Bigfork, Montana — March 9, 2022 — uAvionix is pleased to announce its acquisition by DC Capital Partners, LLC (DCCP). Since uAvionix's inception, the company has leveraged disruptive technology to emerge at the forefront of the unmanned and general aviation markets. Becoming a portfolio company of DCCP will propel uAvionix forward with the means [...]

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