uAvionix Announces PingStation – an All-Weather Low-Altitude Dual Band ADS-B Receiver

uAvionix Corporation, the leading Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) avionics solution provider, announced the introduction of PingStation™ – an all-weather, networkable ADS-B receiver for low and high altitude aircraft surveillance. PingStation is robust enough to be permanently mounted outdoors in harsh environmental conditions and small enough to be used as a mobile asset for roaming operations.

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Could drone mania save General Aviation?

A longtime drone denier and manned aircraft pilot changes his tune regarding drones and their impact on General Aviation.

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uAvionix introduces SkyEcho Electronic Conspicuity into UK Market

uAvionix announces SkyEcho the first portable ADS-B IN and OUT solution approved for use by planes, gliders, and balloons in the United Kingdom.

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uAvionix named XPONENTIAL 2017 Startup Showdown Winner

This year, Xponential featured sixty-five startup companies from the exploding sUAS industry.  Each applicant presented their products and services for consideration. A diverse panel of industry judges then selected sixteen Semi-Finalists, who competed in Tuesday’s knockout round at Xponential.   After the Tuesday presentations, the judges selected three companies to continue as Finalists. The [...]

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The Battle For Drone Tracking Technology

There has been a lot of discussion in the past couple of years about just what the right technology is for tracking the swarms of drones coming our way in the next decade. Because uAvionix is a communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) company focused almost solely in the drone industry – we are wrapped right up in the middle of the debate.

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New Dynon ADS-B Receiver Powered by uAvionix

uAvioinx receiver technology can be found in Dynon's latest ADS-B receiver for their SkyView EFIS. The uAvionix ADS-B receiver provides pilots with a 360-degree view of traffic and weather. The dual-link receiver receives both 978MHz(UAT) and 1090MHz (1090ES).

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Sky-Futures and Bristow Perform Interoperability Flight Test with Ping2020 ADS-B Transceiver

The collaborative effort, which was the result of comprehensive planning and safety analysis, was a critical first step in the evolution of a process proving that Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and manned helicopters can operate safely in the same airspace.

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