uAvionix announces UAS “Trade-up to Certified” avionics upgrade program

Bigfork, Montana — March 23, 2022 — Today, uAvionix announced its “Trade-up to Certified” avionics upgrade program enabling users of uncertified Mode A/C/S and ADS-B transponders models to trade up to the uAvionix ping200X, the only TSO certified transponder for drones on the market today.The “Trade-Up to Certified” program helps operators and manufacturers upgrade their [...]

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uAvionix announces digital autopilot and external magnetometer support for AV-30-E panel displays

Bigfork, Montana – March 21, 2022 – uAvionix is pleased to announce the AV-30-E multimode indicator now includes digital autopilot and external magnetometer interface capabilities. With the ability to control autopilot heading, altitude, and vertical speed from its intuitive user interface, the AV-30-E provides a highly integrated and capable replacement for traditional attitude indicators [...]

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AV-30-C Service Bulletin Software Upgrade to 2.1.4

Description: AV-30-C Software v2.1.4 implements the following changes: Fix GPS waypoint and data rendering issues Enable BeaconX transponder functionality Enhance transponder annunciations Fix rendering issues on several screens with LCD font Fix Serial 3 selection issue Products Affected: AV-30-C (UAV-1003429-001, UAV-1003429-002)  running firmware 2.1.2 and earlier Service Bulletin: AV-30-C Service Bulletin Upgrade to 2.1.4 UAV-1005689-002 Rev [...]

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uAvionix Announces Acquisition by DC Capital Partners

Bigfork, Montana — March 9, 2022 — uAvionix is pleased to announce its acquisition by DC Capital Partners, LLC (DCCP). Since uAvionix's inception, the company has leveraged disruptive technology to emerge at the forefront of the unmanned and general aviation markets. Becoming a portfolio company of DCCP will propel uAvionix forward with the means [...]

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uAvionix announces tailBeaconX trade-up program to meet 1090 ADS-B requirements

Bigfork, Montana –– March 7, 2022 –– uAvionix today announced a Trade-Up to tailBeaconX Program for aircraft owners desiring to upgrade to a Space-Based Mode S 1090ES ADS-B Transponder for mandate compliance and operating flights in 1090 MHz airspace. With this limited-time Trade-Up Program, current owners of a uAvionix skyBeacon, tailBeacon, or echoUAT can [...]

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uAvionix and CubePilot announce reseller distribution agreement

Bigfork, Montana — March 1, 2022 — Today, uAvionix and CubePilot announced a partnership to allow the extensive CubePilot reseller network to sell the full George Autopilot Ecosystem and George integration kits directly to end-users. CubePilot resellers will now be able to offer the uAvionix George Autopilot Ecosystem, which is based on the world′s [...]

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