Will SkyEcho software be updated to detect Mode C Transponders?

uAvionix has decided to not use Mode C because it cannot deliver adequate performance : SkyEcho has an omnidirectional antenna- hence no azimuth detection is possible The use of signal strength is unreliable as a distance measure Mode C transponders don’t transmit unless triggered by a ground radar or TCAS.  This doesn’t happen in many [...]


Can ATC “see” my SkyEcho?

The prime objective of SkyEcho is air-air surveillance. However, the CASA AC envisages SkyEcho being used for situational awareness. In Australia, it is envisaged that Airservices Australia will, in due course, enable the display of SkyEcho with a different symbology for the purposes of ATC situational awareness. Different symbology is required so that the ATC [...]


What is the design objective of SkyEcho?

The objective of SkyEcho was initially to meet the United Kingdom Conspicuity device market. See https://www.caa.co.uk/General-aviation/Aircraft-ownership-and-maintenance/Electronic-Conspicuity-devices/ The UK CAA says “To reduce the safety risk of airborne conflict between GA in uncontrolled UK airspace we have developed a minimum technical specification for low power, lightweight, portable Electronic Conspicuity Devices that operates using ADS-B.” In the [...]


Will tailBeaconX work with my existing transponder?

tailBeaconX is a replacement for your existing transponder.  tailBeaconX meets the requirements for use in all Mode A/C/S transponder required airspace as well as airspace requiring ADS-B Out.  If you are looking for a retrofit solution to work alongside your existing transponder you might be interested in the original tailBeacon.  Note tailBeacon approval is limited [...]