My aircraft is not on the AML, how can I install the skyBeacon?

Installing the skyBeacon on an aircraft not listed on the AML is approved by the FAA.  A field approval is not required.  Under the FAA Memo titled “Installation Approval for ADS-B OUT Systems,” the FAA explains that after an STC is achieved for ADS-B OUT equipment, additional installations can be accomplished on aircraft not listed under [...]

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Do I need the internet to configure the skyBeacon or tailBeacon?

No, you do not need the internet or an internet connection while configuring the skyBeacon. The "Wi-Fi" connection is simply a radio signal that connects the skyBeacon application on your mobile device to the skyBeacon. You will see a warning of "no internet connection," but that doesn't matter because you are not trying to connect [...]

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Is skyBeacon eligible for the FAA ADS-B rebate?

The certified skyBeacon is eligible for the FAA rebate.  In order to select the skyBeacon you'll need to set the data link option on the rebate form to UAT, and choose uAvionix skyBeacon TSO as the ADS-B transmitter.  An example of the rebate form is shown below.

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How does skyBeacon install?

skyBeacon is designed to be a direct replacement for the common navigation light or nav/strobe found on many aircraft.  skyBeacon has the form factor and installation characteristics of a traditional Grimes style teardrop shaped wingtip navigation light.   skyBeacon is a direct replacement for the lights shown below (as an example). Figure 1: "Grimes" style position [...]

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Which aircraft have approval for installation of skyBeacon?

skyBeacon is eligible for installation on any certified aircraft (part 23), that operates below FL180 (18,000’). STC Information as well as the Approved Model List (AML) for skyBeacon is located here.  It is important to note under FAA policy the skyBeacon can be approved on any almost any airplane regardless of whether or not [...]

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